Corporate Transactions
and Advice

Business is the lifeblood of our economy, and CVDL is proud to assist dozens of local and multi-state businesses in being successful even in a challenging economy.

We help our clients document transactions with their customers and provide counsel in personnel matters or if governmental agencies file complaints.

We assist with acquisitions and mergers. We draft and help enforce non-compete agreements and protect trade secrets. Our litigation team can assert claims and defend suits in state and federal court throughout Missouri.

Starting a business is exciting but very challenging. We have found that entrepreneurs who get good legal advice early on will greatly increase their chances of success. There are several types of legal entities to choose from - corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and more - but making the right choice and having good formation documentation are critical.

Succession planning is important for existing companies as owners wish to retire and pass the company to children or other owners.

Hard work and wise decisions can produce value. Our goal is to promote and preserve your success.

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