Missouri Supreme Court to consider agent’s authority under a health care durable power of attorney to enter arbitration agreements

June 7, 2019

The Missouri Supreme Court will consider whether an agent with a health care durable power of attorney can agree on behalf of a patient to arbitrate any potential claims the patient may have against a nursing home. The circuit court declined to send the patient’s claims to arbitration, and the Western District affirmed. The Supreme   …read more

Missouri Supreme Court to consider consumer loan arbitration case.

December 20, 2017

On December 19, 2017, the Missouri Supreme Court granted transfer in A-1 Premium Acceptance, Inc. v. Hunter. The case involves an arbitration clause in a consumer loan agreement which provides for a specific arbitrator who is no longer able to serve.  The trial court had found that this was an integral term of the contract   …read more

The Missouri Supreme Court to consider arbitrability of a workers’ compensation retaliatory discharge claim.

December 20, 2017

The Supreme Court issued a preliminary writ of mandamus in State ex rel. Chaparro v. Youngs, SC96779.  In the underlying suit, Ms. Chaparro sued U-Haul alleging that it discriminated against her for a perceived disability and retaliated against her for exercising her workers’ compensation rights in violation of § 287.780.  U-Haul moved to compel arbitration of   …read more