The attorneys at CVDL have recovered millions of dollars for their injured clients. Whether seeking justice for a patient who was the victim of malpractice, the motorist who suffered injuries in a truck crash, or consumers who were defrauded from unfair merchandising practices, the attorneys at CVDL can help. The results below are represent a sampling some of our recent cases.

$25,000,000 Settlement – Unauthorized Land Use

Our clients were more 3,700 Missouri landowners who had been the victims of trespass by an electric transmission company and its telecommunications subsidiary that had used private property for commercial telecommunications without proper easements. The settlement concluded seven years of hard-fought litigation and provided a substantial measure of justice for the farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and small businesses whose private property had been misused for over a decade.

$10,000,000 Judgment – Boat Crash

Our clients were the parents and children of a young man killed in a boating crash. The man was a passenger on boat that was anchored when it was struck by another boat.

$2,500,000 Settlement – Trucking Crash

Our client was a passenger in a pick-up that was struck by a tractor trailer that was speeding on the interstate. Our client suffered severe back and neck injuries.

$2,000,000 Judgment – Boat Crash

Our client was a passenger on a boat that collided with another boat traveling in the opposite direction. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury in the crash.

$900,000 Settlement – pedestrian hit by car

After leaving school for the day, our client was walking across the street to get into her sister’s car when she was stuck by a car driving down the road. The car that hit her was being driven by a fellow student and another student was sitting on the hood of the car in a failed effort to be funny.  Our client suffered a hip injury and traumatic brain injury.

Confidential Settlement – Nursing Home Neglect

Our clients were the children of a resident at a nursing home who could not move without assistance from the staff at the home. The nursing home was understaffed and the nursing home staff failed to move the resident. The nursing home resident developed a bed sore (pressure ulcer) which required hospitalization and surgery. The resident died about 30 days after the surgery due to an infection from the bed sore.

Confidential Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Our clients were the adult children of a patient who was recovering from surgery in a hospital. The patient was unstable due to the surgery and needed help to move around. Hospital staff stood the patient up and then left the room. The patient fell and suffered a brain injury and died approximately 30 days later.

Confidential Settlement – Nursing Home Neglect

Our client was the adult daughter of a nursing home resident who needed assistance to walk. Nursing home staff was attempting to assist the resident in the bathroom and let go of the resident which allowed the resident to fall. The resident suffered a brain injury and died a few days later.

Confidential Settlement – Nursing Home Neglect

Our client was the daughter of a nursing home resident who was confined to a wheel chair. Nursing home staff was pushing the resident down the hall in a wheel chair too fast and the resident’s leg got trapped under the wheel chair. The resident suffered a broken leg and ultimately died shortly after the surgery.

$100,000 Total Settlement – motor vehicle collision and under-insured motorist claim

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle collision when her car was struck by a driver turning into her. Our client suffered a injuries to her leg when the airbags trapped her legs against her seat causing a subcutaneous tissue injury that resulted in a permanent discoloration and indentation on her leg.

$150,000 Settlement – slip and fall on deck

Our client slipped and fell on the deck to her rented mobile home resulting in a broken ankle and substantial pain. The landlord had previously agreed to take certain actions to repair and/or improve the deck but had failed to do so. Our client, a server, incurred substantial lost wage damages as she was not able to work during the busy summer season.

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