Supreme Court to consider venue for a lawsuit challenging University’s administration of a trust.

October 31, 2018

Sherlock Hibbs’ will left $5 million to the University to be held in trust by the Curators and used only for certain designated purposes.  Hillsdale College sued the Curators in St Louis County, alleging that the Curators were not complying with the trust’s terms.  The only basis for bringing suit in St. Louis County is that the University operates a campus there.

The Curators sought to transfer the case to Boone County, arguing that its administrative actions, including administering the trust, occur in Boone County.  The circuit court denied the transfer request.

By issuing a preliminary writ, the Supreme Court will consider whether the case must be transferred to Boone County or can remain in St. Louis County.

The case has not yet been set for argument.