Business Litigation

At CVDL, we are experienced in effectively representing persons and organizations who are involved in business disputes — from relatively simple contract disputes to complex, high-stakes claims. In all matters, we are practical in our approach and accessible to our clients. Frequently, we can help our clients resolve issues through negotiation or mediation.

But, if litigation is necessary, our attorneys are strong and effective courtroom advocates with extensive experience in a variety of business and commercial law cases. Unlike some larger firms, we know how to efficiently prepare a case for trial. We provide our clients with access to proven experts to help them establish damages and other elements of their claims or defenses.

Examples of cases handled by the firm include:

  • contract disputes
  • financing and banking issues, including lender liability
  • real estate liens and lien priority claims
  • construction litigation
  • insurance litigation
  • shareholder suits
  • fraud
  • dissolution of business entities
  • employment lawsuits alleging discrimination or wrongful termination