Real Estate

Many facets of the law come into play within CVDL’s real estate practice.

We work with businesses, homeowners and developers to start their projects off in the right direction with detailed contracts, covenants, title searches and other due diligence. We help negotiate financing arrangements and guarantees. We conduct or monitor the entire closing process to make sure all parties receive what they bargained for. We examine numerous title insurance commitments every year for local lenders.

Local zoning and land use issues require a thorough knowledge of city codes and internal procedures. Environmental liability is a risk that can be mitigated significantly with proper investigation and documentation.

Unfortunately, real estate practice also deals with correcting errors in earlier transactions conducted by less experienced professionals or other issues that arise over time.

We are prepared if necessary to pursue title insurance claims, and we have significant experience litigating boundary issues, easements, and adverse possession claims, which can be critical to maintain the value of the subject real estate.

We also have an active foreclosure practice. Foreclosures in Missouri (under “power of sale”) are relatively straightforward, but there are very precise notice and publication provisions that must be honored. We handle numerous foreclosures for lenders every year.

Whether a client is buying or selling a home, business, or property, developing a condominium or leasing a commercial site, our firm is equipped to assist at every step of the process.